Looking for Suicide Cleanup / Crime Scene Cleaner Jobs?

When you work as a suicide cleaner, you might have to take on different jobs requiring biohazard remediation – not only suicide scenes. This includes Forensic Cleaning, Crime Scene Cleaning, Meth lab Remediation, Blood and Trauma Cleaning and any type of Bioremediation, sometimes involving infectious diseases and deadly contaminants. Working as a biohazard technician and crime scene cleaning is a challenging and often times difficult job. It requires a high level of fitness, a strong stomach and strong problem-solving skills.

We provide extensive training to our professional suicide cleaning team, and also offer services such as meth testing, mould detection testing, site inspections to identify the cause of a mysterious odour or leak, and much more. We provide vehicles that carry state-of-the art equipment including air scrubbers and purifiers, ozone generators, and hot water extraction units, meaning we’re prepared to meet any eventuality when we arrive on-site.

Are you interested in career in Suicide and Forensic Cleaning? To be considered for the suicide cleanup jobs, applicants must provide the following:

  • Cover Letter – A detailed cover letter stating why you wish to work as a suicide cleaner and what skills you can bring that will benefit our Suicide Cleaning Team

  • Resume – listing previous places of work and a minimum of three references

  • Police Check – Due to the nature of forensic cleaning and our connection with police departments, ambulance service and other agencies we require an up to date police check to be submitted with your application. An applicant who does not provide an up to date police check will not be considered for a position in our suicide  cleaning team.

  • Qualifications – Training Certificates, degrees or certification – Previous experience in the biohazard, crime scene cleaning, medical professions or law enforcement is highly regarded but not essential.

  • Physically fit – working as a forensic cleaner / suicide cleaner is physically demanding and required a high level of fitness. In this line of work, we often work to full body suits with boots, gloves and full face respirators for large periods of time which make for a extremely hot environment to work in. Respirators also make it difficult to breath and places extra pressure on your body. Please note that applicants who do not show a high level of physical fitness will not be considered for a job as a crime scene cleaner.

  • Team Player – As a suicide cleaner, you will always work with a least one other biohazard technician so good communication skills and working as part of a team is essential.

  • Compassionate & Professional approach – Often our clients have just undergone or are going through an emotionally tough time in their lives, having a compassionate and understanding approach is essential in this line of work.

  • Location – Your must live in Australia, we operate nationwide

If you feel you fit our criteria and would like to be considered for a position in our Australian Suicide Clean Up team, please submit your application to info@suicidecleanup.com.au