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How Much do Biohazard Cleaners Make?

As with any career, the wages one can earn ranges significantly based on training, experience and skill. The award rate as an entry level cleaner in Australia is $20.82, however specialised cleaners are generally paid rate that far exceeds this, with special rates for out of usual hours shifts and specific biologically hazardous conditions.

What Education Do You Need to Be a Suicide Cleaner?

Our team have a diverse range of educational pathways that brought them to this role and contribute to the way the operate in our business. Our Directors have undertaken a great range of courses from Methamphetamine Residue Decontamination training in the United States, locally based restoration training and online refresher courses. Our technicians undertake ongoing training in addition to onsite training and our administration manager has a psychology degree which is useful in her role as the first contact for our clients, supporting technicians with debriefing and managing confronting jobs as well as tailoring our service to best meet the needs of our clients, specifically our hoarding support program.

We always recommend looking into IICRC Accredited courses as a first port of call when looking at becoming a trained Bio recovery technician.

What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Suicide Clean-up Business?

As the work we do is extremely varied, we require wide range of equipment to best respond to the specific needs of each job. The equipment we use ranges from general power tools through to custom made truck mount systems. We most commonly use this truck mounted system in remediations, alongside HEPA Air Scrubbers, HEPA Vacuums, Ozone generators, air movers and dehumidifiers.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Suicide Clean-up Business?

The operating costs of a crime scene cleaning company are immense. Our equipment alone is valued well in excess of $100,000.00 and this does not include vehicles. In addition to this are insurances, registrations, training, specialised disposal, marketing and communication costs. Although our most important asset is most certainly our people, so the costs associated with wages, upskilling our team and the best personal protective equipment is a large expense, but well worth the investment. If you are looking at starting a crime-scene cleaning company, be sure to consider all expenses prior to  jumping in.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Death Clean-up?

In some cases, yes, and in some cases no. What is covered ranges greatly between insurers and the policies they offer. It is a good idea to check this with the insurer directly as the cost of cleaning a home following a person’s passing can be significant depending on the nature of the death and the length of time the person was within the home between dying and the body being removed from the home.

What Do Suicide Use to Clean?

Crime scene cleaners are employed to clean all kinds of things, not necessarily just after a crime has taken place. In fact, in Australia crime scene cleaning is relatively uncommon. Our team responds to a great range of requests ranging from collecting sharps through to cleaning hoarding homes were possessions are piled to the ceiling or unattended deaths and everything in between. We are generally employed to deal with issues that it is unsafe or uncomfortable for the general public to clean themselves.