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Accident and Crime Scene Cleaning Done Right by Specialists

Suicide Cleanup Australia is on call to assist you going through remediation of biological contaminants that happen in your home or business. These situations can include suicide, homicide, death, trauma and crime scene cleaning.

Suicide Cleanup Australia is known for professional services, offering prompt, reliable and discreet services involving the cleaning of properties or any place inflicted with biological hazards such as body fluids. We have a careful approach in our cases and our clients choose us for our prompt, discrete and professional services. A crime scene can involve homicide, suicide, assault which lead to blood on the scene, body fluids and death. Experience the results and effects of such a scene can be dramatically more intense than the most dramatic events seen on TV or Internet. Your property, your life and your loved ones are the most affected by the distress, and it is disturbing enough to having to clean the crime scene, not to mention the potential hazards that come into play when trying to handle the situation yourself.

Trying to do a crime scene cleanup on your own poses you on serious health risk with viruses, bacteria and other hazardous contaminants without the right training and equipment. People doing this type of work need to use a very specialised type of equipment requires an amount of training and experience to be handled properly in order to clean the affected area to a safe level. Personal property and belongings are sometimes contaminated to the point where safe cleaning is impossible, and it is imperative that the level of damage is assessed by a certified Crime Scene Cleanup and Forensic Technician. Failure to do so can result in improper cleaning, which can result in more widespread contamination in the future. When dealing with crime, trauma and death scenes, make sure you call a professional company specialised in Crime Scene Cleaning and Suicide Cleanup. This is will prevent the risk of cross-contamination, disease and virus infection.

Why Use Suicide Cleanup Australia for Crime Scene Cleanup?

After the law enforcement personnel has covered the area, and after the investigators and forensic scientists leave, the location of the crime, death or suicide is still covered with evidence and it is up to the victim’s grieving family or property owners to clean the suicide scene. If you are in this situation, leave this burden to a professional company who is able to restore the property to its original condition.

The aftermath of a crime scene happening a property is a very traumatic and distressing period in anyone’s life. Suicide Cleanup Australia offers a wide range of crime scene cleaning services including break-in clean-ups, stabbings, blood, murders and sanitisation of crime crimes. Our Suicide Cleaners are fully qualified, trained and have extensive experience to successfully clean to remediate the properties affected by biohazards due to accidental death or suicide. We pride ourselves in our rigorous work to clean, disinfect and remove contaminated items and restore a property to a safe and habitable level. Regardless of the state of the property, what crime has occurred and level of contamination we ensure the property or equipment is restored to its original, safe, clean and biohazard free state, if possible.

Our Crime Scene Cleaning approach is multi-leveled and adjustable depending on the severity of the affected property. Our Crime Scene Cleaners start by removing any evidence of chemicals, blood and biohazards from the contaminated area. When necessary we will dispose of personal property and structure (flooring) according to specifications in biohazard waste disposal. We will sanitize the area with disinfectants and eliminate any lingering odour.